SWT – Solar panel inspection

Stadtwerke Trier (SWT) – Solar panel inspection

Next to its remote sensing and GIS activities space4environment in collaboration with Foersom Sàrl offers the inspection of solar power panels with the help of an own thermal camera (FLIR Tau2) mounted on a micro-copter. 

Energies from renewable sources such as solar power are gaining an increasing importance in Europe. In Germany the share of energy produced from solar power increased by 14% from 2013 to 2014. To ensure the proper functioning of the photovoltaic (PV) power plants they should be maintained on a regular basis and airborne observation using a thermal camera offers a new dimension compared to ground-based visual inspections. 

An inspection of the power plant after installation, before the end of the guarantee period or before buying or selling the installation represents an investment into an efficient and sustainable management of the PV installation.

The brochure on the SPIN - Solar Panel Inspection project provides information about the project details (only available in German - please contact us directly for further questions).


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In 2014 space4environment and Foersom inspected two solar power parks operated by the Stadtwerke Trier (SWT). Thomas Goossens, deputy head of the unit “energy production” states that the “data obtained have proven to be very reliable and allowed to correctly identify (and repair) faulty solar panels within a larger park”.