Small Linear Features

ESA – Small Linear Features (Mapping of Small Linear landscape Feature elements)

Linear landscape elements are important characteristics of our landscapes, playing altogether and in different proportions the roles of connectors, interface and habitat and often as barrier. In that respect, the small linear features, natural (hedgerows, small streams, riparian forests) as well as artificial (small walls or lanes bordering fields…) are an important component of landscape diversity and biodiversity. Despite their importance they are not mapped by any of the current European land monitoring activities, neither CLC nor the GIO High Resolution Layers. Based on these assumptions, the project has developed a methodology for the extraction of different types of edges from IMAGE2006 and IMAGE2006, i.e. stable edges, variations (mostly seasonal differences) and changes (long-term changes).  

space4environment acted as project coordinator and was responsible for the consolidation of the user requirements and the technical specifications; moreover, space4environment was in charge of controlling the quality of the products and their usability.