Future Orientation for CIties (FOCI)

Sealed area per inhabitant

ESPON - Future Orientation for CIties

Cities and urban development are a focal point of current territorial development policy. Against the background of the Lisbon Agenda’s aim of growth and jobs, cities are seen as the main potential motors for the achievement of the set goals. The FOCI project thus analyzed the state, trends and development perspectives for the largest cities and urban agglomerations within the European territory. It identified the driving forces of urban development which are the most relevant for understanding urban evolutions and offer scenarios for the development of Europe’s cities leading to alternative policy options.

space4environment investigated into the environmental sustainable development of cities by carrying out a number of spatial analyses regarding urban form and compactness, the land use mix within cities, soil sealing and land use changes. Moreover, space4environment assessed the spatial level of detail of CLC and the Urban Atlas and compared them regarding their accuracy and usability for urban assessments.