City Biodiversity Index (EO4CBI)

City Biodiversity Index (EO4CBI)
Brochure in lower resolution (click to open; approx. 1.9 MB / see link in text for high resolution version)
City Biodiversity Index (EO4CBI) Brochure lowerr resolution (click to open)

ESA – City Biodiversity Index (EO4CBI)

EO4CBI is funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) under the DUE Innovator programme and implemented by a consortium consisting of the lead partner space4environment (Luxembourg) and the Concordia University (Canada).

The project aims at capturing and evaluating the state of biodiversity in cities, thereby responding to internationally defined biodiversity targets (such as the Aichi biodiversity targets set by the Convention on Biological Diversity, CBD). The City Biodiversity Index (CBI) was developed as a tool to evaluate this state and provide insights for improving conservation efforts. It consists of 23 indicators designed to help cities monitoring their progress in implementing conservation efforts and their success in halting the loss of biodiversity as formulated in the Aichi targets.

In preparing the project, it was recognised that many cities claimed not to have sufficient data, personnel and GIS skills to deal with and assess some of the indicators. To overcome this situation, the project provides support for several of the indicators, such as:

  • Indicator 1 “Proportion of natural areas in city”;
  • Indicator 2 “Connectivity measures or ecological networks to counter fragmentation”;
  • Indicator 11 “Regulation of quantity of water”; and
  • Indicator 12 “Climate regulation: carbon storage and cooling effect of water”.

space4environment and Concordia University are collaborating with ICLEI, the Convention on Biological Diversity, Singapore Parks and EEA as global user organisations and selected cities (e.g. Barcelona, New York and …) as end users and testing ground of the services.


City Biodiversity Index (EO4CBI) Brochure (low resolution / approx. 1.9MB  |||  high resolution / approx. 9.3MB) 


Image credits: Société du Parc Jean-Drapeau