INBALUD (INtegration of Biodiversity and land use data And Land Use Data)

Directorate-General for the Environment (DG ENV) – INBALUD (INtegration of Biodiversity and land use data And Land Use Data)

Following the miss of the 2010 Biodiversity target a new approach to biodiversity conservation has been prepared – the Biodiversity 2020 Strategy with its targets and actions. Unlike other EU policy areas the complexity of biodiversity and ecosystems means that their status cannot be expressed with a single measure or indicator. Despite all efforts, current assessments of the state of biodiversity in Europe only give a limited value for policy making due to data gaps, unavailability, data inconsistencies or improper use of existing data. Therefore, one of the key issues of the project was to improve data handling and integration to overcome some of the above-mentioned gaps by using the added value of a joint analysis of different data sources. The exploitation of integrating LUCAS data was a particular focus of the project.

space4environment acted as project coordinator and contributed to data search and acquisition, database integration and the selection and analysis of specific biodiversity related parameters.