Ecosystem pressures

European Topic Centre Urban Land and Soil Systems (ETC ULS) - Ecosystem pressures

As contribution to the mapping and assessment of ecosystems space4environment has worked on the assessment of the potential impact or pressures of agricultural and forestry land use and land management related practices on the landscape and on its biodiversity. For the assessment of pressures from agricultural land management, we have split our approach into pressures exerted on arable lands  and grasslands. 

Pressures of land management of agricultural ecosystems are based on crop diversity, fertiliser amounts, irrigation, crop yields and livestock densities. Forest management involves various degrees of human intervention to safeguard the forest ecosystem and its functions as well as the exploitation of forest resources. The assessment of forest management intensities is based on growth vs. harvest, potential forest management and forest fragmentation. 

The final output of the activities encompassed maps of land use and management related pressures on agricultural areas (arable land and grassland) and forests.


Image credits: Photo by CSIRO CC BY 3.0