GRETA - Green infrastructure: Enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem services for territorial development

GRETA - Green infrastructure: Enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem services for territorial development

GRETA is an applied research project supported by the European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion (ESPON). The project is coordinated by Tecnalia (Spain) and developed together by space4environment (s4e, Luxembourg), the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB, Spain), Nordregio (Sweden) and the James Hutton Institute (UK).

The project aims at contributing to a growing knowledge base for enhancing green (GI) infrastructure to benefit territorial development in the European Union. Key expected results include:

  • Maps depicting the spatial distribution of green infrastructure and ecosystem services in Europe
  • Guidance on implementation opportunities for green infrastructure
  • National fact sheets and best practice examples covering green infrastructure policy and planning
  • Guidelines and recommendations for policy and practice

The project is divided in 5 tasks and space4environment is responsible for Task 1, which is focusing on the working definition of GI and analysis of the geographical distribution of GI and ecosystem services. GRETA adopted the EC definition of GI and is proposing a mixed methods approach to map GI at the landscape (Map 1) and urban (Map 2) scales. GRETA focused on both the physical and functional dimensions of GI and uses the most recent products provided by the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service, as well as the ecosystem services developed in the context of MAES, to evaluate its spatial distribution and contribution to the implementation of EU level policy frameworks. The findings offer new knowledge, insight, and recommendations for implementing GI via multi-level governance mechanisms and cross-sector policy and planning.

Find more about the GRETA project on the ESPON website.

Project partners: space4environment (LU), Tecnalia (ES), Autonomous University of Barcelona (ES), Nordregion (SE), James Hutton Institute (UK)

Project clients: ESPON 

Project funding: ESPON

Spatial distribution of potential GI network at landscape level
Changes of urban green areas inside the core city between 2006 and 2012

ESPON - GRETA briefing (.pdf)

ESPON - GReen infrastructure: Enhancing biodiversity and ecosysTem services for territoriAl development
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