Eurostat - Stratification of the LUCAS 2018 Mastergrid

Objective of the project was to provide Eurostat with a land cover interpretation of 714,474 points of the mastergrid for use in the LUCAS 2018 survey. The land cover classification should serve as base for the sampling of points to be visited in the field.

The work included the following tasks:

  1. acquisition of aerial/satellite imagery for a square of 500x500 m around each point (a.k.a. imagette) to be photo interpreted,
  2. acquisition of ancillary information to support the photointerpretation work, where appropriate,
  3. the photointerpretation and classification of each point into one of 10 strata and one parameter, according to the provided instructions,
  4. quality control.

space4environment was responsible for the negotiation with the national authorities for accessing and collecting the national orthophotos, the pre-processing of more than 700,000 orthophotos, the development of a photo-interpretation tool, the database in which the interpretation results have been stored and final transfer of the project results to the client.

Project partners: space4environment (LU), LuxSpace (LU), INDRA (ES)

Project client: Eurostat

Project funding: Eurostat

Photointerpreter interface
Photointerpreter interface
Photointerpretation tool developed by space4environment
Photointerpretation tool developed by space4environment