Capacity building

space4environment provides training and capacity building services for a wide range of tools and applications. The company coordinated the implementation of CLC2006 and CLC2012 in the West Balkan countries. In 2018 space4environment coordinated the implementation of CLC2018 in 10 countries (Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Cyprus, Denmark, Latvia and Switzerland), including training session of national teams, on-site support and quality assurance.

As part of the CLC Technical Team space4environment is providing support to countries both EEA member countries as well as countries of the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) and capacity building related to CLC.

At a national level space4environment developed a practical guideline for the Luxembourg Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure on the implementation of the MAES activities (Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services) using available data and national priorities. With respect to INSPIRE, the company is supporting the ministry in providing INSPIRE conform data on national protected sites (CDDA data flow) to EEA.

Furthermore, space4environment provided a two-day training course for the GIS software QGIS to the Luxemburgish cooperative for animal breeding CONVIS. The course aimed at enabling the CONVIS consultants to employ QGIS to load, visualise and query the ever-growing number of spatial data layers made available to them and, eventually, create maps that can be used for internal analyses or the day-to-day direct interaction with their clients.

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