Policy-related thematic assessments

Building on its experience in working with European-wide environmental databases space4environment provides practical advice and assessments of current policy-related topics. In support of the Biodiversity Strategy 2020 and the EC Communication on Green Infrastructure (GI), we have drafted major contributions to EEA technical reports on Territorial Cohesion and GI as well as the implementation of GI by mapping potential elements of a GI network across Europe.

Since 2011 we are leading the EEA task on land related resource efficiency addressing land multi-functionality, land and soil degradation and land efficiency which will constitute key components of the upcoming EC Communication on Land.

For ESPON the company contributed the part on natural hazards to the Territorial Observation No. 7 – Natural hazards and climate change.

For DG Environment a consortium led by space4environment assessed the added value of integrating land use information (especially LUCAS data) with biodiversity information in order to improve the assessment of condition of species and habitats for the Biodiversity Strategy and its goals for halting biodiversity loss and restoring 15% of degraded habitats.

At national level space4environment is supporting the Luxembourg Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructures (MDDI) on the implementation of the MAES (Mapping and Assessing the state of Ecosystems and their Services) programme and a potential application of a nature pact approach for all communities in Luxembourg.

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