Horizon Europe project FAIRiCUBE started off

With the kick-off meeting in Kjeller, Norway, Horizon Europe project FAIRiCUBE has started

On 30 June and 01 July, space4environment attended the kick-off meeting of the Horizon Europe project FAIRiCUBE that was hosted by the lead organisation NILU in Kjeller, Norway.

FAIRiCUBE aims at enabling different stakeholders to provide, access, process and share gridded data and algorithms by means of a cross-cutting platform and framework that makes use of cube technologies, to unleash the potential of environmental, biodiversity and climate data through dedicated European data spaces. In the project, focus will be on the development of tools that enable users who are not intimately familiar with the worlds of remote sensing and machine learning to scope the requirements and costs of their desired analyses. space4environment will be responsible for one of the use cases on urban adaptation as well as the validation of the different use cases. This means that we will intensively work on a data inventory for the urban adaptation use case and the understanding of the workplace/hub technology that is provided by the project partner EOX.