ESPON spin-off project successfully closed

ESPON spin-off project on green infrastructure in Latvia successfully closed

GI network in Latvia showing weighted representation of hubs (nodes / protected areas) and links connecting the hubs via predominantly natural and semi-natural areas. The plotted size of the node symbol has been scaled to the area of the respective patch.

Together with the partner Tecnalia from Spain, space4environment implemented a project that resulted as spin-off from the ESPON GRETA project that we carried out between 2017 and 2019. This project provides an in-depth analysis and characterisation of green infrastructure (GI) in Latvia from a multi-scale perspective, and outlines policy recommendations that could build the basis for comprehensively embedding the concept of GI into legislation and formal planning processes. space4environment was responsible for the spatial analysis of the existing data and the visualisation of the results. Reports on the GI characterisation and policy recommendations are available on the ESPON website.