ETC/ULS report on HRL IMD

New ETC/ULS report on time series inconsistencies in Copernicus HRL Imperviousness has been published

HRL Imperviousness 2015 (left) vs. 2018 (right) for part of Paris (© European Environment Agency -

The ETC/ULS has carried out an analysis evaluating the impact the new higher-resolution (10m spatial resolution since 2018 vs. 20m resolution between 2006 and 2015) Copernicus HRL Imperviousness data has on the assessment and production of products and indicators relying on the Copernicus HRL Imperviousness time series. With the introduction of the now increased 10m resolution unexpected issues in the comparability and consistency where caused which result in the time series and assessments need to be broken up into two time series (2006-2015 and 2018 onwards).

For more details see the technical report, co-authored by space4environment, which can be found here: ETC/ULS Technical Report 01/2021